A Guide for Buying Medicines when Traveling

When traveling with a chronic condition, most people carry their medication. However, Arturo of GT Roofing San Antonio shared on a recent blog post that when he travels with his parents or family members, he notices that sometimes people lose their luggage and medicine or run out of supply when traveling. This necessitates buying medicine at their travel destination.

Nevertheless, it’s important to take precaution because some medications may be unavailable at some travel destinations. Additionally, your medicine may be available at your destination but fail to meet quality standards. Counterfeit medicines are a major problem in most developing countries.

Therefore, if you have to buy drugs at your travel destination, be careful to minimize the possibility of purchasing counterfeit medication. Here are guidelines to help you buy the right medicines when traveling.

  • Contact your country’s embassy or consulate. This will connect you with a reliable pharmacy or doctor that will help you get quality and reliable medicines.
  • Buy medicines from a licensed pharmacy only and insist on getting a receipt. Avoid purchasing medications from the open markets where you don’t get receipts.
  • Provide a label of your medicines and inquire from the pharmacists whether the medication has similar active ingredients with what you have been taking.
  • Buy medicine with the original packaging only. Avoid medicine that has been repackaged.
  • Take a keen look at the packaging. Strange-looking or poor quality printing of the packages is a sign of counterfeit medicines.

Most U.S Embassies and consulates have lists of pharmacies and doctors that can provide the medications that you need when traveling. Therefore, contact them first if you lose your medicine or lose them. It’s also important to get as much information as possible about the drugs that you purchase. This includes prescription of how you should take the medication. In some cases, you may have to adjust the schedule depending on your time zone.

Follow this guide to buy medicines when traveling and continue your treatment without interference.

Overseas Travel Tips for Single Parents with Kids

Single parents that want to travel with kids are always on the short end when it comes to travel packages. It’s therefore not surprising that many single mothers don’t travel with kids. Nevertheless, you can still travel with kids if you are a single parent. Here overseas travel tips to guide you. 

Book Lodging Carefully 

The lodging that you book can influence the experience of your kids during the trip. If you intend to stay in a hotel, choose lodging with a crib option if your kids need it. Ideally, book a room or hotel with kid-friendly features. Some cruise lines and resorts provide parent specials to wait single supplement fee while providing kids’ activities. Regardless of the case, take advantage of in-room refrigerator to store juice, snacks and mild for kids. 

Take a Car Seat 

If you intend to rent a car or use a taxi at your travel destination, carry a car seat if unsure whether you will get it. There are countries with lax laws about car seats. Having a car seat in such countries will make you more comfortable especially because you know the best way to use it. 

Have an Emergency Plan 

It’s possible to be separated from your kids when traveling. It’s therefore good to have an emergency plan and rehearse it. If your kids can’t have phones, make sure that they know your phone number, country code and area code. Also activate your phone for overseas use to make it easy for the kids to get in touch in case you get separated. 

Also tech your kids how to recognize trustworthy adults like police officers. This will enable them to seek help with ease if they get separated from you. 

Get an Updated Travel Medical Kit 

Get a travel medical kit with common medications that you are likely to need overseas. Remember, you will be out there alone with kids. That means you won’t have somebody to send out there to get medication as you keep watch of your kids. Therefore, carry an updated travel medical kit to ensure safety for everyone. 

In addition to these overseas travel tips for single parents with kids, get adequate travel insurance. Some insurance plans provide free kids coverage. Therefore, don’t fear getting one trying to save money. Nevertheless, make sure that you have fun with your kids during the trip and create lifetime memories together.

Crucial Pre-Travel Tips

Traveling is an exciting and fun experience for most people. However, doubts start to creep into the minds of some people as the travel date draws closer. Such people are faced with anxiety and stress that can put a damper on their vacation. To avoid this, here are crucial pre-travel tips that you should follow.

Register with STEP

STEP refers to Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. It’s a US State Department that is used by US citizens to enroll with the consulate or embassy of the country they intend to travel to. This enables the US to know the country they will be visiting and keep their presence on record. This program enables the US government to contact such travelers in the event of an emergency like civil or political unrest or even a natural disaster.

Set Credit and Debit Cards Travel Notifications

Setting credit and debit card notifications is a crucial pre-travel step. It informs your bank that you intend to travel overseas. As such, the bank won’t flag any activity that you conduct with your cards there and subsequently freeze the account. Therefore, consult your bank or find out how to do this on its website.

Meet Visa Requirements

This might seem obvious. However, some people don’t check the expiry dates for their visas. Therefore, check your visa in advance to ensure that it’s valid. Check the visa requirements with your country before traveling to ensure that you fulfill all rules and avoid ruining your trip in the last minute by being denied a visa.

Arrange for Airport Transfers

Your experience will be less stressful and more comfortable if you book airport transfer before you travel. There are many transportation companies that offer airport transfer at different travel destinations. Use their online booking option to arrange for airport transfer and ensure seamless transport upon arrival.

Check the Local Weather and Prepare Accordingly

Just because it’s winter or summer at home doesn’t mean the season is the same at your travel destination. Therefore, conduct some research to know the local weather and plan accordingly.

Advance preparation is very important when it comes to traveling. Follow these pre-travel tips to make your trip more enjoyable.

How to Avoid a Tourist Look when Traveling

When traveling, it’s advisable to blend in with the locals as much as possible. Unfortunately, this is not easy for most people. But, blending in enables you to avoid the problems associated with tourists including scams and robbery. That’s because you will be ignored by individuals that take advantage of innocent tourists. Such people will think you are a local.

Here are useful tips to help you avoid a tourist look when traveling:

Learn Basics of the Local Language

You need to practice a language for years and dedicate yourself to speak it fluently. You will be motivated to become fluent in a travel destination’s language when planning to relocate to that place or spend several years there. However, you can learn basics of the language to communicate with natives with ease. This lessens travel stress while enabling you to look like a local instead of a tourist.

Keep Fanny Packs Away

Fanny packs scream to everyone that you are a tourist. In fact, these are mostly worn by senior citizens while going on river cruises. Apart from being outdated, fanny packs make travelers easy targets for criminals. To avoid a tourist look, go for money belts that are easy to carry under your clothes.

Avoid Expensive Cameras

Carrying expensive cameras and lenses gives you a perfect tourist look. In fact, thieves will target you for having such expensive electronics. To avoid a tourist look don’t travel to places where safety is questionable with a camera around your neck. Instead, use your Smartphone to take photos.

Avoid Dressing like a Tourist

Tropical shirts may be light and comfortable. However, they are not ideal for wearing when traveling. Instead, go for something more ambiguous. Put on something that everyday locals wear. This will enable you to blend in with ease.

Avoid Disrespectful or Boorish Behavior

Don’t shout at restaurant staff for their inability to speak fluent English or understand it. Doing this will only put you in a bad position at a foreign place. Instead, be more accommodative and understand that you are a visitor. Be friendly and understanding. Interact with the locals in a friendly manner.

Follow these tips to avoid a tourist look when traveling and you won’t have most problems associated with tourists. Book your next travel trip here and save time on planning.

Five Tight Budget Tips for a Traveler to Thessaloniki

The Thessaloniki is a gorgeous old-time city in Greece. It is the second largest city in Greece. Like many other cities in Greece, Thessaloniki has rich history and spectacular ancient ruins that still remain to offer masterpiece architecture of yore. It was part of the Roman Empire for many centuries. Many Roman emperors actually resided in Thessaloniki. As the Roman Empire began to shrink, the city fell into the hands of Ottoman Empire, which enriched it. In the 15th century, many Spanish Jews migrated to Thessaloniki, turning it into one of the prominent Jewish center in Europe.

As expected of such a city with eventful history, there are many monuments worth seeing. If you love antique statues, walking paths, crumbling walls, you should take a trip to Thessaloniki. But there are other modern attractions too that makes a trip to Thessaloniki worthwhile. There are theatres, concert halls and plazas. You will also love visiting the local markets and taste the local delicacies like fish, fruits, spices and fruits.

Like many European cities, a visit to Thessaloniki can empty your wallet within a short period if you do not plan. If you are on a budget, you need a well-thought plan. The following tips should guide you if you are planning a budget travel to this city with lots of museums, vibrant nightlife, interesting cultures and relaxed atmosphere:

Visit in the Low Season

All budget tourists anywhere on earth should plan a trip anywhere during the low season. It is a standard rule, though it is up to you to obey or not. At the end of the day, it is your pocket that will feel the pinch. In Thessaloniki, it is the same. The flights and accommodation are cheap in the low season. The question is, when is the low season?

Seek Cheap Entertainment

There are many attractions where entry is free. You should do research and find out. You can also visit Syntagma Square in the evenings to see break-dancers for free or cheaply.

Use Local Guides

You should hire an experienced local guide. This is a lot cheaper than the tour companies. The local tour guides also provide authentic experience, for they are more personal than the tour companies.

Shop at the Local Markets

Buy the local produce at the local markets where they are cheaper and fresher. Souvlaki is one market in Athens with the ultimate Greek street food. Matrozou Street in Koukak is another farmers’ market you can go for shopping.

Walk Around

Fortunately, many attractions in Thessaloniki are close to one another, only a stone-throw separates them. This will favor a budget traveler like you. Instead of hiring a taxi or using a public transport sometimes it is better to just walk. Not only will you be able to see a lot along the way but also cut costs and find extra money for shopping.

Closing Remarks

Thessaloniki is generally a safe city with low level of crime especially within the city. What may disgust you is the high level of bribery. Every corner you turn, someone wants you to pay a bribe, even for something you should get for free.