Guidelines for Traveling in a Flight

Generally, airlines issue instructions to their customers on how they should conduct themselves before, during, and upon arrival at their destinations. Since the guidelines often change from time to time, you may not get time to go through them, resulting in serious inconvenience. The following guidelines for traveling in a flight can help you to avoid such mishaps on your next flights. 

On-Flight Guidelines 

  • Passengers are required to all take their seats as indicated on the tickets while observing sanitization and hygiene. 
  • Minimize face-to-face interactions in the cabin. 
  • Avoid non-essential movements and minimize using the lavatory as much as possible. 
  • Queuing at the lavatory is not allowed and, only one attendant will be permitted to assist the elderly or children. 
  • Airlines will provide water bottles but, meals would be prohibited. 
  • Consumption of food or any edibles inside the plane would not be allowed. 
  • Any passenger that feels uncomfortably fatigued or any sign of illness must immediately report to the crew for action. 
  • Magazines and newspapers of any kind will not be available in the aircraft. 

Instructions upon Arrival at Your Destination 

  • Upon arrival at the scheduled destination, passengers must slowly exit the plane in sequence order.  
  • Passengers must observe social distancing and sanitization at the ramps, aerobridges, jet ladders, and arrival gates. 
  • Wait for your baggage at the designated baggage area until it arrives.  
  • Passengers on transit would not be allowed to exit the transit area. 
  • Consider using only the taxis authorized by the airport as they observe the stipulated hygiene standards. 

Whenever you get to your destination, adhere to the given health protocols by the host state to ensure your safety and that of others too. Even as you go on with your activities, remember to maintain social distancing and sanitization. You should also check with your airline about any other specific flight guidelines before departure. …

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