How to Avoid a Tourist Look when Traveling

When traveling, it’s advisable to blend in with the locals as much as possible. Unfortunately, this is not easy for most people. But, blending in enables you to avoid the problems associated with tourists including scams and robbery. That’s because you will be ignored by individuals that take advantage of innocent tourists. Such people will think you are a local.

Here are useful tips to help you avoid a tourist look when traveling:

Learn Basics of the Local Language

You need to practice a language for years and dedicate yourself to speak it fluently. You will be motivated to become fluent in a travel destination’s language when planning to relocate to that place or spend several years there. However, you can learn basics of the language to communicate with natives with ease. This lessens travel stress while enabling you to look like a local instead of a tourist.

Keep Fanny Packs Away

Fanny packs scream to everyone that you are a tourist. In fact, these are mostly worn by senior citizens while going on river cruises. Apart from being outdated, fanny packs make travelers easy targets for criminals. To avoid a tourist look, go for money belts that are easy to carry under your clothes.

Avoid Expensive Cameras

Carrying expensive cameras and lenses gives you a perfect tourist look. In fact, thieves will target you for having such expensive electronics. To avoid a tourist look don’t travel to places where safety is questionable with a camera around your neck. Instead, use your Smartphone to take photos.

Avoid Dressing like a Tourist

Tropical shirts may be light and comfortable. However, they are not ideal for wearing when traveling. Instead, go for something more ambiguous. Put on something that everyday locals wear. This will enable you to blend in with ease.

Avoid Disrespectful or Boorish Behavior

Don’t shout at restaurant staff for their inability to speak fluent English or understand it. Doing this will only put you in a bad position at a foreign place. Instead, be more accommodative and understand that you are a visitor. Be friendly and understanding. Interact with the locals in a friendly manner.

Follow these tips to avoid a tourist look when traveling and you won’t have most problems associated with tourists. Book your next travel trip here and save time on planning.

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