Overseas Travel Tips for Single Parents with Kids

Single parents that want to travel with kids are always on the short end when it comes to travel packages. It’s therefore not surprising that many single mothers don’t travel with kids. Nevertheless, you can still travel with kids if you are a single parent. Here overseas travel tips to guide you. 

Book Lodging Carefully 

The lodging that you book can influence the experience of your kids during the trip. If you intend to stay in a hotel, choose lodging with a crib option if your kids need it. Ideally, book a room or hotel with kid-friendly features. Some cruise lines and resorts provide parent specials to wait single supplement fee while providing kids’ activities. Regardless of the case, take advantage of in-room refrigerator to store juice, snacks and mild for kids. 

Take a Car Seat 

If you intend to rent a car or use a taxi at your travel destination, carry a car seat if unsure whether you will get it. There are countries with lax laws about car seats. Having a car seat in such countries will make you more comfortable especially because you know the best way to use it. 

Have an Emergency Plan 

It’s possible to be separated from your kids when traveling. It’s therefore good to have an emergency plan and rehearse it. If your kids can’t have phones, make sure that they know your phone number, country code and area code. Also activate your phone for overseas use to make it easy for the kids to get in touch in case you get separated. 

Also tech your kids how to recognize trustworthy adults like police officers. This will enable them to seek help with ease if they get separated from you. 

Get an Updated Travel Medical Kit 

Get a travel medical kit with common medications that you are likely to need overseas. Remember, you will be out there alone with kids. That means you won’t have somebody to send out there to get medication as you keep watch of your kids. Therefore, carry an updated travel medical kit to ensure safety for everyone. 

In addition to these overseas travel tips for single parents with kids, get adequate travel insurance. Some insurance plans provide free kids coverage. Therefore, don’t fear getting one trying to save money. Nevertheless, make sure that you have fun with your kids during the trip and create lifetime memories together.

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