A Guide for Buying Medicines when Traveling

When traveling with a chronic condition, most people carry their medication. However, Arturo of GT Roofing San Antonio shared on a recent blog post that when he travels with his parents or family members, he notices that sometimes people lose their luggage and medicine or run out of supply when traveling. This necessitates buying medicine at their travel destination.

Nevertheless, it’s important to take precaution because some medications may be unavailable at some travel destinations. Additionally, your medicine may be available at your destination but fail to meet quality standards. Counterfeit medicines are a major problem in most developing countries.

Therefore, if you have to buy drugs at your travel destination, be careful to minimize the possibility of purchasing counterfeit medication. Here are guidelines to help you buy the right medicines when traveling.

  • Contact your country’s embassy or consulate. This will connect you with a reliable pharmacy or doctor that will help you get quality and reliable medicines.
  • Buy medicines from a licensed pharmacy only and insist on getting a receipt. Avoid purchasing medications from the open markets where you don’t get receipts.
  • Provide a label of your medicines and inquire from the pharmacists whether the medication has similar active ingredients with what you have been taking.
  • Buy medicine with the original packaging only. Avoid medicine that has been repackaged.
  • Take a keen look at the packaging. Strange-looking or poor quality printing of the packages is a sign of counterfeit medicines.

Most U.S Embassies and consulates have lists of pharmacies and doctors that can provide the medications that you need when traveling. Therefore, contact them first if you lose your medicine or lose them. It’s also important to get as much information as possible about the drugs that you purchase. This includes prescription of how you should take the medication. In some cases, you may have to adjust the schedule depending on your time zone.

Follow this guide to buy medicines when traveling and continue your treatment without interference.

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